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[Files] EvenMore textviewer updateANN.lu
Posted on 01-Jan-2003 16:49 GMT by Chris Perver
Polish catalog available, main preferences coverted to plugin, to enable development of preferences for other GUI's (eg., MUI, etc). www.evenmore.co.uk Removed Quickload button and list. Now quickload list is accessed by the menu and the list is a textfile called quickload.txt in PROGDIR:. The keyword BAR in the list will now make a menu bar label.

The preferences are now set to use a copy of the preferences OBJECT, allowing the user to Cancel and revert to the old settings. This will also allow me to split the preferences completely from the main executable.

I have now split the preferences from the EvenMore executable into a plugin. This will allow people to create their own preferences in whatever GUI they prefer, providing they also convert any plugins that create their own preference pages. I have also made EvenMore slightly more OO friendly, and if you have alook in the epo.e module in the plugins directory, there are a few new objects were EvenMore stores its data, like window and screen pointers, GUI settings, preferences and more. This will hopefully make it easier to create plugins which can modify the EvenMore window and use the settings, etc. As the preferences have been changed completely, it is necessary for you to reconfigure your settings. I don't think it is worth creating a program to do this just yet automatically.

Download at www.evenmore.co.uk

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