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Posted on 17-Feb-2003 02:58 GMT by Dietmar Eilert4 comments
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Service pack 10 is available for users of GoldED Studio AIX. SP10 is is a maintenance update. It includes bug-fixes for core components of GoldED. Additional non-essential but recommended upgrades for other components can be downloaded from the support site: Distributed BASIC (17/Feb/03) and latest Bonuspack (17/Feb/03).

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As usual, an updated free version of GoldED can be downloaded, too. The free version is fully functional but limited to editing files not larger than 1000 lines. It includes most add-ons from the commercial distribution (only spell checking and gcc are missing to keep the file size within reasonable limits).

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New prices: this is the last opportunity to purchase GoldED at the current price. Starting with SP11, the GoldED AIX CD will be priced at 69,90 EUR.

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