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[Files] English video about ARC2002ANN.lu
Posted on 20-Mar-2003 08:56 GMT by Markus Holler (Edited on 2003-03-20 10:23:39 GMT by Christian Kemp)3 comments
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The English version of the fair report video about the Amiga and Retro Computing 2002 is now available on the website of Virtual Dimension. The English version of the report about the Amiga + Retro-Computing 2002 in Aachen from the "Live"-series is finally finished. All moderations and comments have been translated and the interview with Jeri Ellsworth, the developer of the CommodoreOne, isn't dubbed with a German voice-over anymore.

Reporting about the newest Amiga- and C64-stuff, this video is more than 20 minutes long. There are versions with different file-sizes for your convenience - so download now... :-)

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