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[Files] 1.0 is the new version of SuperTVANN.lu
Posted on 03-May-2003 13:15 GMT by Peter Gordon3 comments
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I met with 1.0 today, and it gave me a card which revealed it to be the new version of SuperTV. 1.0 has taken over from the previous version, 0.8 beta.

Download it at www.petergordon.org.uk About SuperTV:

SuperTV is a replacement for Elbox's TV card software, with the following advantages:

· Channel select gadgets in the TV window border
· Keyboard control
· ARexx port
· Fullscreen borderless mode
· Pop up menus
· Easily selectable channel presets

Changes since 0.8 beta:

· Localisation. Italian and Suomi catalogs included.
· Double clicking in the TV window toggles fullscreen
· Optional custom picture settings for each channel
· Cancel button now actually reverts to the last saved or used settings
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