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Posted on 11-Jun-2003 22:05 GMT by Andreas Falkenhahn (Edited on 2003-06-12 08:37:56 GMT by Christian Kemp)14 comments
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The long awaited, major update 1.5 for Hollywood was released today. Because of the great new features and the long development time, there is an update fee of $22 USD (only for users, who bought Hollywood before April 1st 2003). Hollywood 1.5 is available in a AmigaOS 68k version as well as in a native MorphOS PowerPC version. Many new features have been added to Hollywood 1.5, here are some of the most important:
  • Support for multiple graphics layers
  • Full control of layer position, size, transparency and light setting
  • 68k version can also create MorphOS executables now and vice versa
  • Over 50 new impressing transition effects (totalling in over 100 now!)
  • Integrated image-processor that supports: Rotation, color inverting, gray scaling, axis flipping, texturing, mixing, lighten, darken, scale, stretch and tinting
  • Support for Intellifonts
  • All audio output is retargetable through AHI including full channel mixing and 16-bit stereo audio
  • Full control over master volume
  • Possibility to limit maximum number of frames per second
  • Windows can have a dynamic transparency
  • Joystick support!
  • Powerful object animation functions
  • Off-screen rendering
  • New GUI
  • Over 80 other useful new functions! (totalling in over 240 now!)
  • Many new impressing example programs
Malibu, the Scala plugin for Hollywood 1.5, will be released in a few days. You can already order it in a bundle with Hollywood 1.5 and save some money. Malibu is also available in a AmigaOS 68k version as well as in a MorphOS. Please have a look at the product pages of Malibu and Hollywood to get the ultimate overview over both products.
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