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[Files] A.F.P.L Ghostscript 8 released today!ANN.lu
Posted on 18-Jul-2003 13:25 GMT by whoosh777 (Edited on 2003-07-19 16:45:59 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)15 comments
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A.F.P.L Ghostscript 8.00 for 68020 compatible Amigas released today. For printing + viewing and converting PS and PDF docs, eg 24 bit rgb printing via Turboprint, 24 bit rgb Cybergraphics viewers and HAM8 viewer for AGA machines. click for full info, this program doesnt cost anything! A.F.P.L Ghostscript 8.00 released today!

This contains a major fixing of the Turboprint devices to make them compliant with Ghostscript 8. Now you can print PS and PDF in commercial quality 24 bit rgb via the Turboprint devices.

Brand new PS + PDF viewing options have been written from scratch to enable viewing in truecolour via graphics cards (Cybergraphics and hopefully Picasso too). To know if you can use these viewers type "version cybergraphics.library full" from a shell, if you get a meaningful reply then the truecolour viewers are available. The Cybergraphics viewers have only been tested in depth (with success) on 2 graphics cards and superficially on 2 other cards so problems could occur, if so email me: whoosh777@blueyonder.co.uk and I will try to fix any problems.

Also written are 6 brand new AGA viewers for PS and PDF, including a HAM8 custom screen viewer for 262144 colour viewing, also present is a colour WB viewer window.

I am interested also in feedback positive or negative of whether the viewers function on Pegasos and A1. <tr>This is an optimised FPU noixemul 68020 compile, I will do a no-FPU version over the next few days. <tr>The manual can be viewed online or downloaded via http://www.whoosh777.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/atlast.html

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