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[Files] New Version of Linker Library StormAmiga.lib for SAS/C & StormC ReleasedANN.lu
Posted on 19-Jul-2003 10:40 GMT by Raffaele1 comments
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An useful tool for programmers. You can find it at: StormAmiga-Lib Home.Enjoy It... The "stormamiga.lib" is a link library designed for use with StormC and SAS/C.

The StormC version serves as a replacement for all 68k link libraries from StormC, the "amiga.lib" and the startup code "startup.o". This library also contains a lot of additional functions and specialities (s. Special_Features).

The SAS/C version is a partly replacing the link libraries coming with SAS/C. For the first time there will also be a version specially designed for the MC68060. The library "scm040.lib" will be replaced partly by a faster one written for the MC68040.

The "stormamiga.lib" is written completely in assembler to achieve the maximum acceleration.
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