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Posted on 22-Jul-2003 20:01 GMT by 4pLaYeR (Edited on 2003-07-23 19:56:35 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš)15 comments
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Have you ever wanted to try AROS? but you never really bothered to try it? or you could not get it to work on your PC? then you should download these latest movies and check AROS in the flesh. It should be noted that These videos are made by Paul Gallant and not the AROS Development Team, and show AROS from a users perspective.

A big thanx goes to him from the team for taking the time and motivation to make them (as we said before not everyone needs to be a coder to step up and help this project). The videos are in a bit low quality, but higher-quality ones are on schedule and rocking and should hit you anyday now. We've already seen them in-house, and they look great! However, some minor technical difficulties means we cannot share them with you right now. Please be patient. Enough of the chit chat go get the movies NOW.
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