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[Files] NewGui and AntiSpam UpdateANN.lu
Posted on 13-Oct-2003 12:54 GMT by Cyborg (Edited on 2003-10-13 18:09:28 GMT by Christian Kemp)1 comments
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NewGui and AntiSpam2 have been updated -- AntiSpam2 uses now NewGui. Fonthandling in NewGui has been reworked. AntiSpam2 offers now a small stats bar instead of the odd green/red "progessbar" , with real processing bars, new check routines ( MUST BE ADDED TO THE OPTIONS!! ) which increases spam counts and sound notification. NewGui: rework of fontsize handling in gadget texts, sizes will now decreases to fit into smaller gadgets. If the application layout does not longer match your prefered font style & size , you can rearrange the gadgets size and position on the fly

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