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[Files] Dvdrtools ported to AmigaOS & Morphos Burn Dvd-R/RWANN.lu
Posted on 21-Oct-2003 20:49 GMT by |^DaNi^|18 comments
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Dvdrtools is a full complete burn dvd-r/rw for amiga and pegasos system dvdrtools is a package with four programs which were originally developped for Linux, but now are ported to AmigaOS. All of the programs are shell-based, only for the main program dvdrecord an Arexx-GUI is available. The programs themselves are completely in English. For download, click here http://kuddelone.gmxhome.de/dvdrtools/dvdrtools-e.html and dowload your setup (valid atapi.device,cyberppc.device,scsi.device etc)
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