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Posted on 13-Nov-2003 00:24 GMT by ToP17 comments
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Gary Colville (one of the new Amithlon Kernel developpers) has made a new Amithlon Kernel available for PC Amigans.

New chipsets VT8233 / VT8235 support and GForce4 support.
Gary Colville. IDE code tweeked to handle multi-word DMA modes more reliably on the VT8233 and VT8235 chipsets.

this new kernel support currently all GeForce4.
Support for AthlonXP/Duron processors and Pentium Processors.

a little tool : PCILIST is also available (improved version of PCISCAN by Bernie Meyer).
It displays both the names and PCI ID/Vendor codes of any hardware in your Amithlon system.

Link on GARY COLVILLE web site : New Amithlon Kernel.

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