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[Files] OpenPCI 1.2 for AmigaOS3.x, Amithlon and MorphOSANN.lu
Posted on 22-Nov-2003 15:35 GMT by Benjamin Vernoux38 comments
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New OpenPCI 1.2 for AmigaOS3.x, Amithlon and MorphOS With a 68k version and a native PPC MorphOS version Available on my Web page http://www.chez.com/titan/OpenPciUK.html News in V1.20 - MorphOS : Optimized for PPC604e or more - Amithlon : Added powerpci 2.x support now that require powerpci.library 2.x Bug corrected in Amithlon (PowerPci) wrapper registernum and val was reversed thanks to Guido Mersmann - Grex : Fixed pci_outw/l() and pci_write_config_word/long() this functions was broken Fixed Interrupt code
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