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[Files] CVSGnome 0.5.1 & VIM 6.2.253ANN.lu
Posted on 14-Feb-2004 22:03 GMT by oGALAXYo10 comments
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Yes a new version of CVSGnome got released so Pegasos and AmigaONE owners can build a new bleeding edge GNOME.

And :) yeah you may guessed it VIM 6.2.253 released as well. I've put a new release version of CVSGnome online. CVSGnome is an easy to use Build environment for GNOME 2.x which allows you to build a bleeding edge GNOME on your Pegasos or AmigaONE Linux.

CVSGnome features:
- build from CVS,
- build from released Tarballs,
- external maintainance of CVS checkouts,
- possibility to put released Tarballs including the Build environment on CD and have it untar and build from there,
- acts as wrapper around other programs e.g. can be used to build everything else.
- interactive as well as commandline menu.
- many more.

Grab the latest release from: oo HERE oo

There you find one version for GNOME 2.4.x and one for 2.5.x with bleeding edge updates. For more information refer to the official GNOME website where CVSGnome is being introduced: oo HERE oo

Or refer to the official GNOME germany website where CVSGnome is also introduced as well as german documentations howto use it: oo HERE oo

Quick instructions on howto use CVSGnome can be found on the official GNOME wiki: oo HERE oo

Check out for more nice Build scripts written by me which may help you make life easier. Check them out here: oo HERE oo

And the latest version of VIM can be downloaded: oo HERE oo

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