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[Files] 68k AFPL Ghostscript 8.13 releasedANN.lu
Posted on 22-Mar-2004 16:54 GMT by whoosh42 comments
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view + print current PS and PDF docs on any 68020 OS3.0 compatible Amiga eg A1200, A4000, Amithlon, WinUAE, Morphos, OS4, print via Turboprint in truecolour if you have Turboprint, view in truecolour via graphics card and 262144 colour HAM8 via AGA. CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD SITE GS813 was the current version of AFPL Ghostscript when I begun in mid February, however 1 week later it wasnt current!

Its an updating of my port of AFPL Ghostscript 8.00 which was released last summer,

It has absolutely minimal requirements: OS3.0, 68020, If you have graphics card it will make full use of this via cybergraphics.library and if you have Turboprint it will make full use of this.

If you just have AmigaOS printer it will print in 12 bitplane 4096 colour via this.

Later in the year I may try and do an update that is current at time of release: future version transitions should happen much faster.

It is noixemul and there is both a 68020-fpu version and a 68020-nofpu version, some 68040's cannot use an FPU and so require the nofpu version.

GS813 requires a full new install and can be run in parallel to GS800, it has a new assign GS813Resource: and requires more fonts than GS800.

The install is easier than for GS800 eg I have merged all the required fonts into 1 archive,

GS will also convert PDF + PS to png, jpeg and a lot of other formats such as fax formats,

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