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[Files] BackMan 2.0 releasedANN.lu
Posted on 25-Mar-2004 13:20 GMT by Christian Hattemer5 comments
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The backup software BackMan is now available for MorphOS in version 2.0. BackMan had been shareware and is now released as open source under the GPL. The most important change is that BackMan is now available in a native MorphOS version.

The Amiga-68k version is not yet available and will follow later. If somebody wants to help on this issue it could be resolved faster, since it doesn't have priority for me. You will need a gcc setup.

Please note that you shouldn't yet rely on BackMan for your backups. It should have some more testing first to identify possibly remaining porting issues. Getting that testing done is the purpose of this release.

Download, more information and complete ChangeLog is available from http://backman.sourceforge.net/
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