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Posted on 04-May-2004 16:37 GMT by tokai21 comments
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When we played yesterday with laire's XBox we made it broken unintentionally. Hey... you know how this is! When you play racing games and before you can reach the finishing line of last lap and then some stupid AI controlled opponent passes and wins... argh!!!!! Fact is that we throw a joypad with full power against the XBox and the thing immediatelly died in some kind of atomic mushroom. This morning laire discovered the sad remnants of his beloved XBox. You probably can imagine what kind of blow this was for laire. And it was a hell of a blow for him. He started to rage! He was blind of rage actually. In his rage he threw half of the inventory of his villa out of the window. First a pot and then a dirty flannel, the pegasos 3 prototype, 4 Bill Buck voodoo dolls, his darts disc with sticked on picture of UltraGelb and a lot of other more or less valuable items followed. He even kicked out his torture tools and CISC...

Oh.. yes. CISC. Later the day he came to us. And because we're not heartless or something we let him go back to his dingy cellar, but he had to make a new MLdonkey build for us. And here it is:

MLdonkey 2.5-20 for MorphOS/ PowerPC

MLdonkey is a multi-platform multi-networks peer-to-peer client which runs as a daemon. It supports several large networks, such as eDonkey, Overnet, Bittorrent, Gnutella, Gnutella2, Fasttrack, Soulseek, Direct-Connect and Opennap. It can be controlled locally or remotely using several interfaces like telnet or http.

changes since 2.5-20:

· Applied patches: disconnect (Spiralvoice)
· Applied Savannah patches: #3003, #2988
· Fixed bug preventing connections with Overnet clients.
· New command 'activity'
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