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[Files] 68k hosted gcc for x86-AROS portedANN.lu
Posted on 19-May-2004 23:56 GMT by whoosh20 comments
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On a 68k AmigaOS system such as A1200 or WinUAE or Morphos or Cloanto or OS4 or Amithlon, cross compile programs to x86-AROS, via this gcc-3.3.1 cross compiler. Click here This cross compiler was built entirely on 68k WinUAE by combining the existing sources of gcc-3.3.1-aros and 68k hosted gcc-3.3.1-amigaos,

The c compiler part has been tested out on several graphics demos from the archives on the AROS site: blackhole, dawafire, firework,flamme, metaballs, newvox, parallax,

the binaries were generated via 68k WinUAE using this cross compiler and the binaries ran correctly via a i686 compile on my PC.

Hello world also ran correctly. The c++ part of the compiler is fully untested, so any feedback on it will be of interest.

People talk about preventing the AmigaOS alternatives fragmenting, well cross compilers are how you prevent fragmentation: you can generate binaries for machines you dont have.

Previously you needed Linux to develop for AROS although there is also an AROS-native gcc,

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