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Posted on 22-May-2004 10:22 GMT by Michal Wozniak29 comments
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New version of Show Girls available.

What You have here is new version of Show Girls. For those who don't know what is it, Show Girls is image viewer with some image processing functions.

New in this release:
- Zoom reset with '0' key
- Thumbnail generator (Tools/Thumbnailer)
- Cropping/Autocropping (with preview enabled/disabled)
- Possibility to scroll, zoom, change display properties of the image when the processing tool is opened.
- Notification on currently displayed directory (list is refreshed when new files are moved in, deleted, renamed or updated)
- Reworked Minimum/maximum window (now called Median) and implemented 3 modes: Minimum/ Maximum/ Median.
- JPEG Saver: Optimize switch - produces a bit smaller images.
- Devices list revorked. It's easier to use now (less entries).
- Possibility to turn off immediate processing on slider movement (usefull for big images).
- Contrast and Gamma adjustment.
- Sharpening filter.
- Flip Horizontal/Vertical
- Color to gray conversion
- Negative
- Copy/Paste functionality. Unfortunately IFF/ILBM can't store alpha channel, so it's not copied
- Possibility to start in fullscreen mode (FS or FULLSCREEN param)
- Many small fixes and improvements. Key shortcuts, tab cycling, menu layout (thx tokai for pointing these).

It also includes several fixes, like: - Black image bug.
- Save file requester remembers it's last path.
- Some typos.
- libjpeg was hitting on corrupted files.
- Slider position in some filters is reseted after window is reopened
- Smoothing can now be turned off for one direction (set to 0 pixels)
- Usage from Ambient (couldn't be used as Default Tool).

Hope You will like it. This tool is constantly developed so expect some supercool features in the future. You can get it here:


and soon on aminet.

// Michal 'kiero' Wozniak

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