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[Files] Relais-card control tool 'Relax', MorphOSANN.lu
Posted on 31-May-2004 02:16 GMT by Rupert Hausberger2 comments
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I coded 'Relax' due the lag of such software on the amiga. All 8-bit cards, usualy connected to the parallel port should be supported. Various modes for controling are avail... The features:

- Supports all 8-bit Relais-cards (2^n)
- Realtime GUI

- 4 different modes of control
1 Direct
- Direct control like on, off, 1, 2, 3
2 Random
- Setable pause
- Relais selectable
3 Step
- Unlimited steps per list
- Load and saveable step-lists
- Variable pause per step
4 Time
- Unlimited times per list
- Load and saveable time-lists

- Overall timerange from 10ms to 1 day
- Controlable with mouse or keyboard

You can get it here

Have fun, naTmeg
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