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[Files] CPU Monitor 1.3 update for MorphOS releasedANN.lu
Posted on 10-Jun-2004 16:01 GMT by tokai (Edited on 2004-06-11 10:04:40 GMT by Christian Kemp)69 comments
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Updated utility not for 68k, OS4, AROS, UAE or Amithlon... also not for p.OS. if i'm right only one possibility is left, or? :) CPU Monitor 1.3 for MorphOS

changes since 1.0:

* fixed refresh bug (thx. to itix for solution)
* added vertical grid
* removed a small memory leak
* added DONOTACTIVATE tooltype
* added NOSIZEGADGET tooltype
* added BORDERLESS tooltype + additional required functionality
* internal cleanups and improvements

If you think it's worth to make a little break from ann.lu and give it a try then download it from here. If you don't have MorphOS (yet) then you can watch a screenshot which shows the improved possibilities.


yes, it is still green. :-P
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