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Posted on 21-Jun-2004 16:51 GMT by Henrik Mikael Kristensen82 comments
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The first official AWeb 3.5 APL Lite Beta is now released. It can be found at http://aweb.sunsite.dk. Read more for changelog. WHAT'S NEW

Here is an overview of the new features and major bugs fixed in this release. For a complete list in "fine detail" see the Changelog Included at the end of this document.

Support for <INS> and <DEL> tags

Double Buffered Rendering - Optional double buffering dramatically reduces the flickering during rendering of long table based pages.

Background Images - no longer force a complete redraw off the document, resulting in a dramatic speed up of some pages.

Fixes and standardisation to the way tables are laid out, and to the way background images in tables are align mean that many more pages render "correctly".

Fix to the transparency bug in the internal gif decoder.

Improved gopher support.

Support for translating character sets enables pages using a different character set to be displayed.

New more attractive startup screen and about requester.

Fixes to a major bug in the image decoder plugins where AWeb would crash with bad memory trashing on repeated iconification.

The aweblib version numbering has been changed, all version start from 35 as of this release. This avoids some clashes that would other wise occur with previous version of AWeb.

awebjs.aweblib has been renamed javascript.aweblib for the same reason.

Fundamental support for Regular Expression objects has been introduced in this version. However, the string methods using regular expressions have not yet been implemented and as most real world sites uses these methods few new sites will work, rather this is the first step on the journey.

A compile of the developer version of AWeb (AWeb.developer) is included in the archive. It is not installed by the Install script. It allows developers and beta testers to generate extended debug info and should only be used for this purpose. It contains no extra browsing functionality.

Have Fun!

AWeb APL Development Team

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