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Posted on 30-Jun-2004 10:55 GMT by James Carroll23 comments
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WookieChat is a new Amiga IRC client, for chatting on Internet Relay Chat networks. Version 1.1b has been released today. New in this release is the addition of a basic prefs and server selection window, so you dont have to manually type "/server irc.vapor.com" everytime you want to connect to a server.. you can now just select the server name, then click connect, or connect in new tab if you wish to use multiple servers at once. Adding/deleting/editing servers and server groups is possible now too. Version 1.1 did not have a configurable username, which annoyed a lot of people, but that has been fixed. Download the latest version from the WookieChat homepage. Dont forget to read the readme, theres important information in there.
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