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Posted on 14-Jul-2004 02:51 GMT by James Carroll8 comments
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WookieChat is a new IRC client for Amiga's and compatibles. Download it from the usual place.. WookieChat Homepage I havent fixed the enforcer hits yet, and I'm about to go on holiday for the next month, so I wanted to get what I've done (up until now) out there for people to use.

Changes 1.2
- Installation script added
- "Perform on connect" support added. So you can join channels, register with nickserv, etc,
automatically when you connect to a server. Edit the Group entry to change your connect script.
- Support added for server passwords
- No longer crashes when you are missing any of the three MUI custom classes that WookieChat requires. It will give an error message instead.
- You can now /part channels and close private message (query windows) tabs by clicking the X button in the top left hand corner.
- If you try to use a command that isnt yet supported, the "/" prefix in the line you typed will be removed and the rest of the line will be sent to the server. /mode and /nickserv now work because of this.This might help with future IRC developments too.. i.e. when new commands become available on networks, the client doesnt have to be updated to support them.
- Bug fix: when you were disconnected from IRC by either the server or by typing /quit, the program would go into a never ending loop locking up the program. fixed.
- Bug fix: When a server name was too big for its button, it created weird problems. Now when a server name is too long, the string is restricted to 10 characters. So hopefully multiple server support works better now.
- Bug fix: Can connect to the Galaxynet network fine now.
- Bug fix: when connecting to a server in a new tab, sometimes the previous tab you were in wouldnt change its selected state to FALSE.
- Bug fix: No longer crashes if you load WookieChat without first loading a TCP/IP stack. When you attempt to connect to a server, it loads bsdsocket.library if it hasnt been already, and if it fails it gives an error message.
- Change: Nicklist listviews are a fixed size now, so when the window is small, you can still see the status symbols to the left of peoples nicks
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