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Posted on 12-Sep-2004 19:46 GMT by Grzegorz Kraszewski15 comments
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SeventhSense, the ultimate website scanner has been updated with new features like HTTP proxy support, configurable numbers of threads and more. Many bugs have been fixed. Download from MorphZone. From the change log:

- BUGFIX: Fixed keyboard handling of GUI (missing MUIA_CycleChain here and there). Bug reported by Christian Rosentreter.

- BUGFIX: Version string was a bit malformed. Bug reported by Christian Rosentreter.

- FEATURE: Sites list autobackup. When the default sites list is saved, an old one is renamed to "sites.bak" first (old "sites.bak" is deleted). Feature suggested by Christian Rosentreter.

- BUGFIX: When a list is loaded into program, entries are checked for duplicated IDs. If duplicate ID is detected, user can skip duplicate or change ID. Bug reported by Grzegorz Murdzek.

- BUGFIX: When iconified SeventhSense displays now its own icon instead of default one.

- FEATURE: "Delete" function moved from toolbar to context menu.

- FEATURE: Checking can be stopped for every site separately with "Stop" option in the context menu.

- FEATURE: All check processes can be stopped at once with "Stop all" button.

- BUGFIX: SeventhSense could try to load a site in an endless loop in case of 40x HTTP response (but other than 404).

- FEATURE: User configurable number of simultaneously checked webpages.

- FEATURE: WWW proxy support.

- FEATURE: Option to automatically open an updated website in a browser. Feature suggested by Grzegorz Murdzek.

- BUGFIX: If there is no year in the date pattern, current year is assumed. Bug reported by Grzegorz Murdzek.

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