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[Files] Luciferin FlashRom Software Update V1.7ANN.lu
Posted on 10-Oct-2004 14:40 GMT by Chris Hodges1 comments
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E3B and Chris Hodges are pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the Luciferin software for the Highway+Romulus, Algor and Algor Pro flashrom equipped hardware. This new release can be downloaded publically at the usual place (scroll down to the bottom)

It includes the following changes (V1.5 -> V1.7):
- Luciferin will not ask, if the reset vectors should be cleared after the contents of the flashrom have been updated. This is to avoid having to turn the machine off and on again when using the Permanent boot loader.
- There is also a menu item for clearing the reset vectors now.
- The AlgorKick program now also supports uncompressed Kickstart images for users of the 1MB flashrom version Algor PRO.
- The boot loaders have been updated to detect the AlgorKick module and call it directly, saving one reboot cycle.

The update has been made public, not only for the users that forgot to register their hardware, but also for other potential customers to try the software.

All users are invited to try out Luciferin (which was rated as superior to all other flashrom solutions on the market), even if they do not own the required hardware. Luciferin will operate in Demo mode then -- only the actual flashing operation is blocked for obvious reasons.

Also, the comprehensive manual will give much insight on the flashrom topic, and how it can make your life easier.

There haven't been any user requests in the last months, so we suppose that the software can be assumed to be in a final state. Anyway, we hope that you will enjoy this update as much as you did before. Thanks have to go to the users for their support!

Best regards,
Chris Hodges

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