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[Forum] Domain namesANN.lu
Posted on 02-Nov-2003 18:15 GMT by Go Mommy16 comments
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A recent story on Slashdot tells us that SpamCop lost their domain name because of an incorrect phone number in their contact information.

What does this mean for Amiga Inc? If you do a whois on any of the domains owned by ainc, you'll see that ainc still (Oct 16) supplies the address that became invalid when they were evicted in June last year. They've been doing this for every update during the 18 months since the eviction.

Do you remember when Ray Akey (ainc webmaster) said that the address listed on amiga.com was "slightly incorrect" and would be updated "next week" (this was written in early March)? While they can ignore what their own web site says for 8 (or 18...) months, their domain name registrar GoDaddy.com requires any changes in contact information to be submitted within 5 days. Anything else is a "material breach of contract". I suppose ICANN themselves have similar requirements.

Either all ainc's domains are likely to go dead soon, or we can start guessing what new address will show up when we do a whois. :-]

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