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Posted on 03-Aug-2004 17:11 GMT by Mark Wilson

The AmiBench Team are Looking for Experianced HTML / PHP / MySql Devs for AmiBench Project.

We are looking for experianced HTML / PHP / MySql Devs for Project.

For the last couple of months the replacement to Amibench code-named AB-DI v1 has been in the works Well its been talked about for years but various "factors" meant that it didnt happen.

While this project is not directly Amibench 2 it will when finished form the majority (i.e. 99%) of the base code of AmiBench 2.

We how ever have stalled our progress somewhat. We have had one person working on this project alone which has meant not much progress has been made, especially as of late.

This is where you come in. We need two to three coders who are willing to join our exclusive team and help us finish AB-DI v1

Unfortunatly we cant offer you dental but we can offer you a share of advertising revenues (on the new project site only amibench 2 will continue to be free and ad-free).

You will need to be experenced in (some but not all of) the following: PHP / MySql / HTML / CSS / WAP.

This is a innovative project which both Mark and his Co Partner Richard Collyer feel has the potential to become successful.

Please email me at mark@amibench.org with a foreword explaining why you feel you could be part of our team and help us drive AmiBench forward. Please include links to sites and projects you have worked on.
Mark 'tecno' Wilson : Team Member of AmiBench
Web: http://www.AmiBench.org
Email: Mark@AmiBench.org

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