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[Forum] Dvorak on Longhorn (and MorphOS)ANN.lu
Posted on 13-Oct-2004 19:56 GMT by Not Dvorak6 comments
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Sorry for this cut'n paste from morphos-news.de, but I thought it would be interesting to everyone else to:

In an article at ABC News which has been written by John C. Dvorak about Microsoft's Longhorn, MorphOS is mentioned as well:

The article is about why it's taking such a long time for Microsoft to complete the Longhorn. According to Dvorac, it's about backwards compatibility, and this is a serious burdon: the bigger issue was brought up by a number of readers recently: backward compatibility. The need for this has got to be the single biggest albatross around Microsoft's neck.

Quote: The long-term drawback of this legacy burden is that operating systems like Linux or something like open-source Solaris can develop and modernize faster. Whole new platforms, such as the MorphOS running on the PowerPC, might emerge. Microsoft knows this and worries about it.

There might be some openings for niche OS's in the gaps between the giants, like MorphOS?

Another quote (Doesn't this feel kind of familiar?): After the rollout of a new OS, it takes years before half of the users change over. Small software developers need to sell to as many people as possible, not just to the few new folks who get in early..

I agree with Dvorac here, continuancy is essential. This is what's works against AROS IMHO (there are NO AMIGA APPS because of the lack of emulation), and this is MorphOS current main strength over OS4, at least ATM, the Amiga compatibility.

Read the complete article here:

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