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[Motd] Advertisers neededANN.lu
Posted on 14-Jan-2001 13:22 GMT by Christian Kemp43 comments
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In a recent MOTD, I stated that the advertiser situation was bad, but I didn't expect to make less than 5$ in 13 days. So I decided to pull the only remaining advertisement banner, but I am hoping to find an alternative means of at least covering my online cost (various virtual servers, phone bill, etc.). I haven't given up the hope that Amiga companies (Amiga, Haage&Partner, and many others) will finally understand that the market would be even less alive without Amiga news sites, and finally decide to make suitable contributions to the news sites they've been using for years to post their press releases and announce their products on.

Do I sound slightly bitter? Perhaps. But with a phone bill of 100$ every month, an upcoming domain renewal for 90€, a website generating 5$ out of over 50,000 pageviews is just ridiculous...

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