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[Motd] MOTD 01/May/2001ANN.lu
Posted on 01-May-2001 16:32 GMT by Christian Kemp10 comments
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I started implementing a somewhat primitive browser dependency check on ANN. Right now, users of MSIE5 or better should experience better loading times in the "News" and "Unmoderated" categories, since I'm favouring CSS2 over nested tables for layouting. In the Unmoderated section, this reduces HTML loading time by about 10%, or 2.5k. If feedback is positive, I will complete the MSIE part as well as catering specifically for other browsers, since it is obviously impossible to write just one type of code that works best on all browsers.

In unrelated news, the Unmoderated section was once again victim of a number of submitted news items containing nothing but insults and untrue allegations. Since these were all coming from two specific IP addresses, I have blocked posting privileges for them.

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