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[Motd] Stepping on my soap boxANN.lu
Posted on 02-Oct-2001 19:18 GMT by Christian Kemp
In three days, no article and only one or two comments have been posted on ANN. While I am still committed to ANN, it's getting increasingly difficult to find contributors, sponsors and visitors, and over the past months and years, I had to re-evaluate my view on more than one of these aspects. My job guarantees a certain financial independence, but evening courses further restrict my free time. As such, there is no way ANN can survive without user interaction.

In other words, ANN requires news submissions on all topics Amiga, and a community to discuss whatever is going on. The site needs to reach the largest possible audience in this niche, and as such I will be working on centering the site around the content, not any pretty pictures.

If I haven't been clear enough already: Please participate! Submit news items. Write articles. Suggest polls. Report bugs. Spread the word about the site. Do whatever you think is necessary to make this site a likeable and liveable virtual home on the Internet for all things Amiga (and beyond)...

I'm stepping off my soap box now. Now is your turn. :)

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