28-Oct-2021 09:20 GMT.
[Motd] MOTD 05/Oct/01 : Definately too many MOTD's :)ANN.lu
Posted on 05-Oct-2001 18:48 GMT by Christian Kemp
I fixed the poll script, thanks to Luca for letting me know (please always report when things you think should be working do not). Things are pretty busy around here, and I just wanted to remind people to remain civilised. Also, I've always tried to target the widest possible audience, so if you think ANN is evolving too much into one direction, please let me know in the comments, or by mail. As a final note for today, I'm thinking of attending the Cologne or London shows (two hours by car or eight hours by train, respectively), since I was thinking it might be nice to meet some people in person... Comments, anyone?
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