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[Motd] MOTD 02/Dec/01ANN.lu
Posted on 02-Dec-2001 16:16 GMT by Christian Kemp15 comments
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In November, ann.lu served 674,488 successful requests, delivering about 290,000 pageviews to 38,617 distinct hosts. Compared to last month's all time high of pageviews, this is once again a 40% increase. Overall, 4.624 Gbytes of (compressed) data were transferred. 514,684 requests came from Windows-based browsers, only 70,912 from Amiga browsers (not considering spoofing). For the first time in quite a few months, I've also been able to fill both ad spots with advertisements. Now, if I could only find a way to make a few posters use more English, and less swearing, I would be completely happy with where ANN is going, even if I haven't been involved a lot lately, due to work and other commitments. So I guess this is yet another "thank you" to everybody who keeps ANN and its community going.
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