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[Motd] MOTD 6/Feb/2004ANN.lu
Posted on 06-Feb-2004 12:45 GMT by Christian Kemp (Edited on 2004-02-06 13:46:00 GMT by Christian Kemp)89 comments
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Some of you might be aware that I signed a full-time employment contract with Genesi S..r.l. in Luxembourg to start December 15th 2003. I didn't make an official announcement on ANN because I didn't plan (and expect) it to change anything as far as ANN was/is concerned. I spent most of January 2004 telecommuting from the United States, but unfortunately, not everything worked out the way I had expected it to, and yesterday I handed in my resignation with Genesi. Next Monday, I will be starting at a new job in Luxembourg. Once more, this should not influence ANN in any major way, except that my available time might be more limited, and I will probably not be able to do any moderations or updates during the day.
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