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[News] ImageEngineer batch system surveyANN.lu
Posted on 08-Feb-2000 10:21 GMT by Christian Kemp1 comments
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Gregg Sawyer writes: Informal survey of interest in ImageEngineer batch system; let me know if you do or would use it, and if you are interested in supporting it; click below for details. Folks,
If I may be so bold as to transgress upon your time, I would like to take a survey of users (current or potential) of ImageEngineer - specifically, the batch system (IEBS). Here's the picture :

1) ImageEngineer is a great shareware product, and IEBS is a tremendously useful extension of IE; however, IEBS is not currently in development, and the current support person (Patrik N.) is otherwise engaged.

IF :

there is sufficient interest shown in support and development of IEBS


do we have a volunteer to take on that job?


What is "sufficient"?

I'll 'fess up and say I don't know yet, but I will discuss the results with Patrik N. and Marko S. to see how they compare with IE registrations and such. I wouldn't be asking this under normal circumstances, but there does seem to be a recent resurgence in interest in IE; having said that, Patrik N. says he knows of at least one current user of IEBS - "you".

What does "support" imply?

Technical skills - AREXX competence is a must, knowledge of IE desirable. Beyond that, you get to define it. The batch system is in place and functional, with plenty of scripts, but there are some bugs, and there may well be demand for new or enhanced functions, but I expect these will be in the form of script submissions; basically, I see this as a coordinating role, soliciting and managing contributions, rather than programming gruntwork - but that's just my view.

You think it's such a great flipping idea, why don't YOU do it?

Time constraints; a man's gotta know his limitations.

When will we know?

Assuming there is a "we" who will be interested, I'll draw a line two weeks from today to assess the interest in IEBS usage, and let y'all know the results a week after that - end of February? If we have more than one volunteer (rash mortals), maybe we'll have a head-to-head AREXX challenge on IRC...

What is "is"?

See Slick Willy for that one...

Caveat : Please note that I am conducting this survey in an unofficial capacity; I have talked to Patrik N., who says he is happy for me to post this question, but no promises are made.

Some useful links :

IE on Aminet IE Web page


P.S. Please feel free to raise this on other boards if you think it is appropriate.

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