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[News] Village Tronic Paraglide status reportANN.lu
Posted on 18-Feb-2000 08:13 GMT by Christian Kemp
Bill Toner noticed that there's a new ParaGlide Status Report. Read more below. ParaGlide Status Report, 2000-02-16

ParaGlide - the 3D add-on module for PIV

Thanks for your feedback! Two external layouters are working now on the ParaGlide PCB. We hope the layout is finished until 2000-03-16, in the middle of March. The following prototype production will take 3 weeks. If we are lucky and there are no errors in the PCB, these prototypes will be fully functional and the complete set of manufacturing data can be reused for mass production.

In this best case the mass production ParaGlides could start shipping end of April 2000.

But any errors in the first prototype PCB will cause a 3 to 4 weeks delay.

Thanks for your patience!

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