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[News] Amiga.org and Haage & Partner to partner on MitchyANN.lu
Posted on 28-Feb-2000 20:08 GMT by Christian Kemp2 comments
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This is old news, but I'm mentioning just to remind myself that there is competition and that I should progress with ann/web :)Sauro writes: Amiga.org and Haage & Partner announced today (25/02/00) that they will team up to make Amiga.org's Mitchy Resource Retriever the best possible resource directory and search engine for Amiga-related information, resources, and Web sites. Mitchy is a powerful Yahoo-like link directory with a search function that includes the number of hits for each resources, a rating system, Top 10 lists, and much more. Mitchy currently has about 1.000 entries.
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