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[News] Tornado3d v3.1 update?ANN.lu
Posted on 19-Mar-2000 12:56 GMT by Christian Kemp1 comments
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Leon r. Tan writes: Where is the v3.1 Native ppc updater for Tornado3d. I wrote an email and this is what Marco De Vitis of Eyelight said to me: "work has started on Tornado3d again and updates will come soon". Read more below.
Dear Eyelight,
I am a proud user of Tornado3d V3.0. When I bought this version, I was told that there would be an upgrade to version 3.1 before Christmas. Can you tell me what happened? I read somewhere in a magazine that you will never leave the Amiga market at least not before you have released a Native PPC version but I have waited for three months and I have never gotten an email or something similar. I almost believe this is a case of misleading information, because on the website we are encouraged to buy the latest version and now we suddendly don't get an upgrade to make it competitive even more to other programs like Imagine which is going to be PPC native in short notice. Can you understand my feelings?

I can perfectly understand; we're sorry for the delay, but rest assured that work has started again on T3D, and updates will come again.

Thank you for your support, best regards.

Marco De Vitis - Tech Support @ Eyelight
http://www.eyelight-it.com "Solid tools for creative minds"
Eyelight - Via del Serafico, 64 - 00142 Rome Italy
voice: +39-06-51965486/7 - fax: +39-06-51965488

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