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[News] German Heise Newsticker reports about the AmigaANN.lu
Posted on 21-Mar-2000 15:33 GMT by Christian Kemp
An article on the Heise Newsticker [German] is mentioning the Amiga. Click below for my English translation. New Operating System for the Amiga

Those declared dead live longer: Amiga, together with the Tao-Group, have developed a new operating system. The developer system is supposed to be based upon Elate by Tao, a successor to the Taos real time operating system. Amiga wants to present the new platform to the public on April 1st on this year's Amiga conference 2000. Furthermore, games for the new platform are being created in cooperation with Epic and Hyperion. However, it may still take some time until Amiga fans can finally get their hands on a new hardware generation of the cult computer. An Amiga spokesman explained to c't that currently no development is being done the hardware.

After the company was taken over in 1997 by Gateway, followers of the legendary multimedia PC were hoping for a quick revival. However, Gateway didn't keep its bold promises. January this year, a group of former Amiga employees bought the company back. Gateway only kept the patents for the settop-box software that had been developed in the meantime.

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