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Posted on 23-Mar-2000 07:37 GMT by Christian Kemp1 comments
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Juergen Beck writes: MWS/Radwar sent me the following email about the Radwar 2000 party. For those interested, please read more below. RADWAR PARTY 2k Date: 26th, 27th and 28th of May 2000 Place: Heinsberg/Germany Meet all the famous OLDSCHOOLERS and THE BIG SOFTWARE COMPANIES there: Demo Competition 2000 RULES We have decided to give you a certain theme or topic, that can be coded on the system of Your choice. Hereby we want to achieve, that this demo theme coded on a C-64 or AMIGA can be better than a demo on a 700 MHz strong Pentium machine with 32Meg of VGA memory and a Soundblaster Live experience. We nearly accept any demo on any machine (C64, Amiga, PC, MAC, ATARI, ACORN, Gameboy, N64,PSX, PalmPilot,...).

1st price4000,00 DM(2000 EURO)
2st price3000,00 DM(1500 EURO)
3st price2000,00 DM(1000 EURO)

This is not the final list of prices, there'll be big hardware prices for the first 3 winners, too. All DEMO contributions will be honoured with hardware and software prices. The DEMO-COMPETITION is sponsored by several Software-Companies, so the winners may get a big DEAL with 'em (look at the! GUESTLIST on our HOMEPAGE). Jump to http://www.radwar.com to get the complete RULES and more NEWS about the EVENT. All the information text on our homepage can be found in ENGLISH and GERMAN language.

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