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[News] Fusion 68K V3.2 releasedANN.lu
Posted on 23-Mar-2000 12:27 GMT by Christian Kemp
Fusion 68K V3.2, the final upgrade before the release of the PowerPC version, is now available. Read more below or order here. March, 23rd 2000

Fusion V3.2 is released.

All Fusion users (and those anxiously awaiting the pending PPC release) will be pleased to here that we have a new upgrade to the 68K version. This release confirms the continued commitment to the 68K Macintosh emulation, but also provides a number of improvements and enhancements.

Fusion 68K V3.2 is the final upgrade before the release of the PowerPC upgrade, which is nearing completion.

Changes to V3.2

  • Added ICP Transfer Priority. You can now specify the priority the Mac runs at while the drives are accessed from the Amiga side though ICP.
  • Fixed OpenDevice problem with ethernet.
  • Fixed ethernet query bug.
  • Added TD64 support. A partition that is partially or completely above the 4G point will cause FUSION to fail to start if TD64 support is not available. Partitions are still limited to 4G in size.
  • Added support for block sizes other than 512. Up to 64K valid.
  • Fixed ICP MacBinary file copy hang.
  • Auto-start doesn't auto-quit if you change the ICP or cpu settings.
  • Added tooltype and cli switch for specifying parameter ram file.
  • Changed ethernet from software loaded to a hardware card for Open Transport support. Cleaned up ethernet for better Amiga ethenet card support; Ariadne card now works.
  • Fixed cursor problem with old Lucas Arts games.
  • Fixed problem with QD based video drivers.
  • Fixed slight problem with autosense SCSI data.
  • New ADB drivers with (nearly) all Mac keys mapped.
  • Added tooltype support; switches from cli now have Workbench tooltype equivalents.
  • Auto-start now also implies auto-quit
  • Changed 060 initial settings; now starts with only SuperScalar off.
  • Fixed miscellaneous problems with the interface related to the auto-iconify feature (Tall thin windows on WB fixed).
  • Fixed Timer interrupt bug that prevented QueBase from playing.
  • Added support for a couple more ROMs.
  • Updates to video drivers.
  • Updates to RsrvCold, and RsrvWarm which is now called RsrvKick.
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