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[News] Amiga coverage on Heise NewstickerANN.lu
Posted on 04-Apr-2000 13:24 GMT by Christian Kemp4 comments
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In a news item, Heise is covering the A2k show. See below for my English translation. Amiga: Fresh start with Linux-based operating system

On the A2000 fair in St. Louis, the company Amiga presented a new operating system in conjunction with a suitable PC. The Amiga-OS developed by the Tao-Group runs hosted on a Linux kernel. Tao is delivering the interface [GUI].

The new platform is supposed to run on all processors: according to the company, currently, x86, PowerPC, AMD, MIPS, ARM and SH4 are supported, Amiga will even support mobile appliances. Furthermore, owners of an old Amiga powered by a PowerPC card can use the operating system on their machines, said Amiga-employee Tyschtschenko to c't.

The developer machine contains a 500 MHz AMD K6 with 64 MB RAM and GeForce-256 graphics card. In two to four weeks the complete system is said to be available. Amiga purposedly chose a less performant, but cheaper PC as basis, it was said, to make the experiment more interesting for the developer community and the Amiga fans. The development software can also be retrieved via the Amiga homepage without the need for a PC, however without support.

In about a year, the company wants to finally deliver an Amiga system for end users. To support the development of applications for its platform, Amiga announced, among others, cooperations with Red Hat, Sun Microsystems and Corel. Apparently, over a hundred applications are already being worked on.

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