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Posted on 29-Aug-2000 14:39 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš13 comments
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Amiga's Gary Peake posted some more details about the planned developer support program on the Amiopen list. Read it below.

OK, you guys are getting way ahead of us. We are trying to do things step at a time, but here goes ... :)


We have actually 4 levels of support. These will be explained in more detail soon. Right now we just want to get everyone going and make sure there are no glitches from our side, so we are not enforcing the tiers ...yet.

Dev Conferences/Training

Four planned annually in various parts of the worlds plus two at Snoqualmie headquarters.

We will also offer tapes and a complete book set of "Amiga Bible Series" of programming references. We do not plan to offer books at some extraordinary price. We are looking at a ten book series, possibly in the $29.95 each range covering various topics and areas of Amiga VP programming.


We will have a certification program for interested developers. No real details yet, but I am working on it. Basically it will include certifying applications and hardware through our QA dept and Dev Support. Once an app/hardware is certified, the developer gets access to the following:

1. Amiga Mall to sell products

2. Marketing assistance

3. More specific dev support

4. Use of Trade Marks and Logos for certified apps and hardware

5. Inclusion in a USER searchable database for AmigaNG applications and hardware add-ons.

Web Interface

Ray is kindly updating the web interface as fast as he can while still maintaining and checking security as he goes. A painful and daunting task, but I assure you he is up to it.

We currently have an IRC channel (irc.amiga.com #developer) that once protection is in, we will have NDA style IRC chats with Fleecy, Bill, and other members of the Amiga team.

Message Boards, there will be private (NDA) and open (public-open source style) message boards.


We will be offering updates and some surprises for registered developers that people who have not purchased the SDK will not be able to see or have.

These are not all inclusive so please don't start a debate over whether I have left out things or not. I am just trying to give a "generaL' idea of what we have planned. There is more, but can't spill the beans yet.

We intend to make sure you get your moneys worth plus some.


Gary Peake Director Support Amiga Inc.

Catch the Dream ... Amiga Dream Team


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