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[News] Excelate Victory - Embedded Email ControllerANN.lu
Posted on 27-Oct-2000 15:51 GMT by Christian Kemp
Nick Lamburn writes: Excelate Victory is coming, an exciting new era in Emailing has dawned for the Amiga. If you can use ARexx - then you can make an Email client...
Excelate Victory via its incredibly simple ARexx port allows you to build your very own emailing systems. You aren't limited to programming them in C, Blitz BASIC, AmigaE etc., you can use AmigaDOS scripts, ARexx programs, SCALA, CanDO...

You can build clients for batch mailing, text based, graphically based, multimedia presentation systems, people with disabilities, the list goes on and on. You can even add Emailing capability to any Amiga application if it has some form of ARexx access, such as Final Writer.

Although the support site is not finished, you can find out more on this exciting new way, easy way to build Email clients using ARexx at the support site

Presently, Excelate handles all the POP3 (mail retrieval), SMTP (mail sending) and MIME (attachments) in 13 easy to use commands...

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