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[News] H&P press release October 2000ANN.lu
Posted on 29-Oct-2000 18:33 GMT by Christian Kemp
Markus Nerding writes: We (Haage & Partner) did not send press releases for a while by mistake, so here is an overview on the past weeks. More news, e.g. on AmigaOS 3.9 will follow soon. 26. October 2000: Update of the PowerPC World

After a longer break Stefan Funke is back again with a new update of the PPC World pages.

25. October 2000: AmigaOS 3.9 announced

It was certainly surprising for many of you that Amiga Inc. announced not only new details of the AmigaONE but also a new AmigaOS for the current Amigas at this year's ACE 2000 in Australia. As it was with OS 3.5 the AmigaOS 3.9 will also be developed by H&P. More details will be available very soon.

25. October 2000: We are already 5

No - not 5 people, but our company H&P is already 5 years of age. Even for us it is sometimes hard to believe that it was already 5 years ago when Jochen Becher, Jürgen Haage and Markus Nerding said "Yes" at the notary to start this business ;-) We want to thank all those people out there that supported us during this time. It was really a pleasure for us :)

25. October 2000: ArtEffect workshop for download

The popular workshop that shows the powerful functions and effects of ArtEffect is now available as an archive for download.

25. October 2000: VMC back again at www.vmc.de

The company VMC is finally back again with their known address www.vmc.de.

13. October 2000: New ImageFX offers

For a limited time we can offer award winning ImageFX including the PPC module PowerStation. You will find more information in the press release

13. October 2000: STFax 4.5 released

After we took over the distribution of STFax, a new version has been released. This version offers support for the ELSA Office modems. You will find more information in the press release:

10. October 2000: PageStream 4.08c available

Registered customers can download the latest update from our ftp

10. October 2000: New Hypercom drivers

VMC has published new Hypercom drivers, in which many new features are implemented, like the IOBlix software emulation. This feature opens new possibilities with the Hypercom parallel device, for example scanner and zip support. You can get the drivers from the VMC Website

29. September 2000: Active surrenders STFax and Genesis to H&P

Active Technologies and H&P have come to a mutual agreement where the publishing rights to the fax/voice software, STFax Professional, and the copy and publishing rights to the TCP/IP stack, Genesis, are passed from Active Technologies to H&P. STFax and Genesis are strategically important products for H&P and next week the next update of STFax will be available.

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