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Posted on 08-Nov-2000 17:31 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš

Tao Group announce that LinkUp Systems' ARM-based system-on-chip development board now supports the intent platform. Press release is below.

Companies to Deliver System-on-Chip and Java(TM) Virtual Machine Solutions for Internet Appliances, Consumer Electronics Products

SANTA CLARA, CA - Nov. 6, 2000 - LinkUp Systems Corp., provider of processor plus peripherals solutions for the Internet appliance and consumer electronics market, and Tao Group, a leader in Java(TM) Virtual Machine (JVM) technology, today announced that the LinkUp L7200 system development board supports Tao Group's intent/Elate JVM implementation.

LinkUp Systems, which recently joined the ARM Partnership, supplies the L72XX processor plus peripherals family designed for creating Internet appliances such as Pocket PCs, Web phones, wireless Internet terminals, smart cellular phones and other embedded products. LinkUp's L7200 system on chip (SoC) family includes an ARM720T(R) processor core, many key peripherals such as controllers for LCD, DMA, SDRAM, FLASH memory, smart card and Multimedia cards, and several serial interfaces, all on a single chip.

Tao Group's Java Virtual Machine (JVM) technology offers a small footprint, highly efficient implementation of the Java language. Tao's intent Java Technology Edition media platform runs real-world Java content extraordinarily fast and in very small footprints. Elate was designed by Tao from its inception as a multimedia, deterministic operating system. Together, intent/Elate is a compact implementation of the Java language that runs real world applications many times faster than standard Java implementations, making intent/Elate an ideal solution for mobile Internet appliances using power-efficient system-on-chip processors like LinkUp's L72XX family.

"As the creator of intent/Elate Java-Virtual-Machine, a highly efficient Java implementation, Tao Group is an ideal development partner for LinkUp Systems," said Ravi Bhatnagar, President and CEO of LinkUp Systems. "Together, our companies can create elegant, power-saving implementations for designers of many kinds of Internet appliances."

"We are pleased to partner with LinkUp Systems by providing an efficient Java Virtual Machine solution for creating innovative wireless Internet appliances and communications devices," said Hugh Cree, Sales and Business Development Director of Tao Group in North America. "LinkUp's L7200 family of system on chip processors, combined with Tao's small footprint intentintent advanced products at a reasonable price."

LinkUp Systems provides reference designs, development system support and an integrated debug environment for its products. The development system consists of the L7200SDB development board with its associated software, such as support for low-level driver APIs (L7200API) in source form. A complete software toolkit (L7200TLK), optimized for the L7200 on-chip DSP co-processor, is also available. The debug environment consists of an ARM debug monitor and Multi-ICETM In-Circuit Emulator through a JTAG interface.

About LinkUp Systems

LinkUp Systems Corporation provides ARM CPU core-based, system-enabling solutions targeting the fast-growing Internet appliance and consumer electronics market. The company's L7200 processor family is optimized for low power portable applications (such as Pocket PCs, smart phones and Wireless Internet terminals), high performance desktop solutions such as screenphones, and mobile multimedia embedded markets. LinkUp also provides support chips for Intel's StrongARM(R) SA-1100 integrated processor. The company is headquartered at 3401 Leonard Court, Santa Clara, CA 95054 and can be reached at (408) 988-1848. More information is available at www.linkupsys.com.

Note to editors: ARM, Thumb, StrongARM, and ARM Powered are registered trademarks of ARM Limited. All other trademarks and product names are the property of their respective companies.

About Tao Group

The Tao Group is an intellectual property generator and software organization specializing in technologies for home and mobile networks. Incorporated in 1992, the Company provides leading edge products for the emerging, fast growth markets of intelligent consumer devices. The company's philosophy is based on providing powerful frameworks for use right across the range of networked appliances from smart phones to digital television, into which Tao's clients can build in their own branding and incorporate their own added value. Motorola and Sony are shareholders in Tao Group. Its customers include blue chip technology corporations across North America, Japan and Europe, and the intent toolkit is the applications foundation layer for the New Amiga.

Headquartered in Reading, England, with offices in Tokyo and California, Tao has a high-value, global patent portfolio and is the recipient of multiple industry awards, both for its technologies and for the rate of corporate growth. Tao Group may be contacted at www.tao-group.com.

Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun Logo, Java, and PersonalJava are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

For more information about LinkUp Systems please contact:

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LinkUp Systems
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For more information about Tao Group please contact:

Chris Bignell / Chris Gent
Companycare Communications
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