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[News] Ralph Schmidt interviewANN.lu
Posted on 27-Nov-2000 19:04 GMT by Christian Kemp57 comments
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christophe Decanini noticed there's an interview (in French and (English) with Ralph Schmidt of MorphOs fame on on AmigaImpact. He also provided a summary (read more below).
  • Limited (68k) support of mediator if no use of MMU tricks.
  • Support of G-REX hardware (G-REX software is done by MorphOS team).
  • Eyetech products support will be decided once available.
  • Elbox did not contact Morphos team and MorphOS team do not think a lot of PPC owner will adopt mediator.
  • MorphOS team members are part of Bplan, MorphOS will run on Bplan hardware. There will be an announcement early december.
  • Morphos need to be working stable on CyberstormPPC and Blizzard PPC to be sell as a commercial product then MorphOS will be hardware independent to run on new bplan hardware. Perhaps it will also run on Macintosh. No X86 port expected.
  • Recompiling a warpup application is the only way to run it on MorphOS.
  • Name of developers for MorphOS application will be anounced in december.
  • Not decided yet on how MorphOS will be sell. OEM, from Vapor online web or from other distributors.
  • MorphOS team could adopt the type of developpers structure Vapor is using today.
  • A third beta version of MorphOS should be out in next weeks with PPC version of MUI, YAM, CED, MagicMenu, AmiTCP, ADE. All PPC users should try it and give feedbacks to enhance MorphOS.
I did not verify every point of this summary, please visit the original in case of any doubts.
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