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[News] bPlan announce PegasosANN.lu
Posted on 09-Dec-2000 10:46 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš9 comments
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BPlan announce specs of their Pegasos PPC motherboard. They write: "By useing a modular system design, the mainboard could be easily user upgraded to the actual demands. With todays standard interfaces allready designed onto the PEGASOS mainboard, the users will be able to easily connect standard components (like harddrives or CD Roms) and a wide range of highend devices such as digital video cameras to the system. While PEGASOS itself is widely scaleable to the users needs, it's a easy task for retailers or OEMs to configure the system for there demands. By hiting the best price/performance point for the choiced configuration, systems starting with one CPU (at entrylevel) up to multi PPC G4 based cluster computers could be build useing the same hardware." Read the full specs here.

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