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[News] Mozilla for AmigaDEANN.lu
Posted on 11-Dec-2000 11:20 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš6 comments
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James Russell will be heading a group to port Mozilla, the open source web browser, to the AmigaDE. Read his message to the Open Amiga list below.

Salutations all,
I have contacted mozdev.org (hosted by Collabnet, who hosts my mozOffice project) if they would like to host the mozAmiga port as well. I want to have it hosted in the Mozilla community, rather than the Amiga community, because I want to gain support for the Amiga DE port from the Mozilla community, and so it's best to stay in that limelight to do so.

If mozdev.org says yes, as I think they likely will, I'll have them set up a mailing list, give us CVS access, bug access, and set up a mozamiga.mozdev.org site for the site's home page. Mozilla has some good resources available, including an online video all about the NSPR module that needs to be ported, and I will post links to these resources on the home site.

I will then start posting mozAmiga "bugs" that will actually be chores that need to be done to start (and then "finish") the project, then I will start working towards those goals, hopefully with assistance.

I will post info here about mozdev.org one way or another, and if they decide to host it will have them set up the site, mailing list, and so on, and then post the link to it here in this list (as a reply to this message, likely).

Anyone interested in helping in the meantime, or even just to give constructive ideas or feedback, feel free to post to this list or to e-mail [amiga401@netscape.net] me personally, at least until we get a mailing list up and running. I will also hang out intermittently in #mozamiga on irc.mozilla.org as well as #developer on irc.whiterose.net, though in the former I may be alone at first and so may take longer to reply (remember that you can always e-mail me!).

For anyone who wants to get their heads around the project, those videos on Mozilla I mentioned are here: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/brownbag.html

And again, the NSPR video is particularly useful to us because that module is the biggest obstacle between us and a working Mozilla on the Amiga DE.

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