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[News] Slashdot on DoCoMo, Tao & AmigaANN.lu
Posted on 29-Jan-2001 16:57 GMT by Christian Kemp4 comments
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Jari Pakarinen noticed that "A developer" wrote on Slashdot: "Sony and DoCoMo announced they will jointly develop on-line games worldwide. Sony, Motorola and JVC have greatly invested in a new Sun Authorized Java Virtual Machine which is also being used in the new Amiga computer. Read Slashdot's article. "Founder of the UK based Tao Group and ex-Amiga developer Mr. Charig just returned from Japan for the launch of DoCoMo`s new Java technology based i appli service. Interestingly Tao demonstrated its technology running on the Dreamcast a year ago as well and recently it was announced that Sega is going to make games for new set-top boxes and mobile phones. BTW every C, C++, Java or Vitual Assembler written Amiga/Tao application can be executed code identical on top of other operation systems as well including Linux. :)" edhak also points to this BBC article on the possibility of worldwide handheld wirelessly distributed games, and gloats "Wipeout on a mobile!" "
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